Towards Value-Based Healthcare and the Role of Regional Agencies: the Approach of the Veneto Region

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A book for wellness policy makers and managers titled “A white paper on value-based healthcare” was released in 2012., 407 PP., with authors: L. Ivanov, G. Ivanov, D. Dimitrova, L.Kirov, N. Ivanova, Z. Petrova, I. Bukarev, J. Wolf, R. Petkov, S. Petrova, M. Vukov, N. Vasilevski and also others. Its importance as well as significance are not just managed, but likewise remain to expand, due to the fact that throughout this duration in health care nothing special and substantial was altered. It remains to be organized and also feature according to the concepts and rules of the “model” of the performed health reform. Practice has revealed that this model has numerous flaws and defects. The objective of the reform was to create a wellness system that offers commonly accessible, high quality, reliable and reliable medical care. This was to meet the assumptions of clients, physician as well as society all at once. The outcomes reveal that didn’t work. It fell short to strike an equilibrium in between the essential concepts of the performance of the health system – “enough liberty, safety and security, justice and uniformity” for both the users of healthcare and its administrators. Guide is the product of a comprehensive research essential and material of the health and wellness reform, its consequences. On the basis of an abundant factual product, a comprehensive analysis as well as evidence-based evaluation of the state of health care was made. This has allowed the primary questions to be answered: what has the reform attained as well as what has not attained and also what should be done in order to proceed it? The product of the book is organized in 7 realistically relevant chapters, which include: significance as well as web content of healthcare reforms; premises for extreme change of the wellness system in the nation; people at the facility of the health system, generating financial toughness and also sustainability of the health system, state and also function of human resources as well as state of info as well as communication technologies; making certain patient accessibility to every part of the health and wellness system and Avoidance of condition. In each phase of the book, based on data as well as realities from official state and also public sources,

both the favorable aspects as well as outcomes, as well as the existing drawbacks, which are the product of flaws of the selected application model and the modern technology of carrying out the reform. This gave the writers reason to make specific proposals for their elimination. Questions are responded to – What are the troubles, what should be done and also what results as well as benefits are anticipated? This connects the evaluation and analysis of the state of wellness with the essential concrete activities for its adjustment. The text of the book is composed in clinical but flawlessly reasonable language. The book is read “lightly”, with enhancing rate of interest from readers, especially those associated with shaping and also carrying out wellness plan and health and wellness administration. The author’s group includes established researchers, college speakers as well as former participants of the elderly administration of healthcare – in the NHIF, Ministry of Wellness, the functional network, professionals with experience in clinical and also worldwide organizations. The competence of this chamber has actually permitted to make a real picture of the reform, the state of health care as well as to provide ideas on what should be altered and also exactly how this ought to be done. “The White Paper on value-based medical care” is a major research paper. It is the outcome of a detailed analysis and analysis of the reforms and also the state of Bulgarian Healthcare, that makes the book intriguing and also useful for all associated with the management of our wellness system.

Keep in mind. The book provides a meeting on the main problems of Bulgarian social and health and wellness plan. This is a political book that impacts a variety of professionals. A publication similar to this should be the topic of discussion as well as innovative conversations, preparing political perspectives and choices. Major discussions need to locate their location. Facility as well as tough public health problems need it! The factor is that there will constantly be a conflict in between both complementary reasonings – social as well as health. However, they ought to not be made use of for political objectives. rate of interests.


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