The Observatory on Health in the Italian Regions


Regions The Observatory on Health in the Italian Regions arises in response to three different phenomena (devolution, economic sustainability and regional variations). It aims to study performances of regional health systems, to monitor quality of care in the Italian regions, to disseminate the main results of this activity and to provide information to support decisions and choices of health programs and the allocation of resources.
In 2003 the Observatory published the “Osservasalute Report”, a collaboration of more than 60 researchers,
using 110 selected indicators and different data sources. It performed a comparative analysis of the regional
health systems with a multidisciplinary approach. The structure of each of the indicators is articulated in six sections: significance, validity and limits, benchmark, source of data, description of results, Osservasalute’s recommendations.
The results of all the indicators can be clustered into three different groups: indicators without regional
differences (such as Standardised Mortality Rate for Infectious Diseases); indicators where the regional differences follow a North - South gradient and in some instances, an East – West gradient (as Life Expectancy at Birth; Movement of Patients Seeking Hospital Care) and finally indicators with important differences but without any gradient (such as Prevalence of Hypertension and Prevalence of Hypercholesterolemia).
The Observatory’s perspective at a national level is to validate the indicators and the quality of the data
reported and contribute, to define exactly what information is missing. At a European level is to contribute
to the organisation of a network of Regional Health Observatories (RHONE) and to the production of a report
on Health and health care in the European Regions.


observatories; quality; public health

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