New editor in chief for the Italian Journal of Public Health


Seven years ago I had the privilege to found the Italian Journal of Public Health. I did so on the ground that in Italy we needed a Journal, written in English, to disseminate scientific knowledge relating all the aspects of public health. The aims I had in mind were to: • encourage research and promote knowledge relating to the problems, needs and development of public health • to promote and provide a forum for the regular exchange of views and information • to promote the development and education of public health workers • to involve anyone interested in public health activities and programmes. Seven years later, I am finally handing over this task to my successor, professor Giuseppe La Torre. I could not wish for a more worthy successor. Giuseppe is one of Italy’s leading public health researchers. He has contributed greatly to our understanding of the impact of epidemiology in Public Health Technology Assessment and he shares my commitment to the added value of comparative research, taking advantage of the rich diversity of health and health policy that exists in Italy and Europe. I will not, however, be escaping entirely as I have agreed to stay on as Founding Editor and I look forward to continuing to work with Giuseppe and with my colleagues who have done so much to support me over the past seven years, Stefania Boccia, Roberto Bucci, Roberta Siliquini, Pietro Folino Gallo, Laura Murianni, Patrizia Laurenti and Wendy Morotti and Claudia Corsetti, from the editorial team, Maria Teresa Pesenti, who produces the journal and Pietro Bruschi at Prex.

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